Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Quote... Last Words...O'Henry

Inside Creative Writing: Episode 3

Friday, September 25, 2015

Bernie Sanders and the Smudging Squad

In his quest for the White House, Bernie Sander has a secret weapon. All over the country, ordinary people are uniting. They come from many walks of life. They are you and they are me. They are teachers, janitors, and college students. They are firemen, salesmen, and veterans. The are parents and grandparents. They are the workers, and they are the retired. They are large families, and they all single mothers. They are all who believe in the American Dream, and believe that nobody should be excluded. They believe that everybody who works hard deserves to receive a living wage. They all believe that we all have a responsibility to protect this planet on which we all live, that everyone-- not just the wealthy-- deserves justice,that the greed of corporations should never be more important than the health and happiness of people. They believe that Washington needs to be purged of self-serving politicians, and that "service" needs to be put back into Public Service and all morbid self-interest needs to be removed.

They are the smudging squad and they are mobilizing. They are gathering their tools, their abalone shells, their white sage sticks, and their eagle feathers. They are going unnoticed as the infiltrate Wall Street and Washington, burning their sage sticks and healing the ills of government and dispelling the demons of the big business. They are influencing lobbyists to get honest work. They are muting the voices of hatred and exclusion, and making louder the voices of love and acceptance.

You will never see them, but they are out there, cleansing and healing the country, and they will be there on Election Day, when Bernie Sanders is elected and at long last the country will deliver the long-promised ideal: liberty and justice for all.