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HELLHOUNDS-- Amazon Previews

Saturday, November 12, 2016


Friday, October 21, 2016


It is 1992 and evil has come to a quiet Wisconsin town.

A strange summer storm settles over Winsome Lake, and with it the storm brings ancient evil spirits bent on death and destruction. The only one who realizes that everybody is in danger is Rich Seagrove, a Viet Nam veteran who suffers hallucinations, in whom nobody believes, not even his teen daughter, Radcliff, who has always suffered the shame of having a father who has become the town nutcase.

When the evil spirits began their killing spree, and reanimating the dead bodies of
their victims, Rich is the only one who understands what is happening, the only one
who knows how to save the town and its citizens

Tuesday, October 18, 2016


Two Young Adult Paranormal Novellas, featuring Julia (freaky Jules) Dundee.

Freaky Jules#1 and #2 

Freaky Jules (Vanished)
A girl mysteriously disappears at school, and the cops are baffled.

Julia (Jules) Dundee, the school freak, is compelled to use her paranormal abilities to recover the missing girl. With the aid her new-found friend, boyfriend wannabe, Jack Kilgore, she starts on a journey that ends up out of this universe.

Freaky Jules (Pants on Fire)

High school athletes are inexplicably bursting into flames.

While Julia (Jules) Dundee struggles with her strange life, and the paranormal abilities that torment her, she gets caught up in the mysterious occurrences of athletes suddenly bursting into flames. The authorities believe the answer lies in the chemical make-up of uniforms, while Jules knows the truth, which has emerged from her murky past.